soup for dinner. dragon carrot broth.

It has been so long since I posted here.  I have had only sporadic moments for the blog as of late. The days are turning into weeks and then months so quickly. I have been busy with some great projects and leave for Nepal on Sunday for work. 

 I have been working on a cookbook this week and sampling every delicious bite that has come my way, so tonight, I just wanted a really simple soup or broth for dinner.

I decided to recreate a broth I made accidentally around thanksgiving when I boiled some dragon carrots until they were soft, and then set them aside for a pie. After boiling the carrots, what was left in the pot was so colorful and clear I just had to taste it. I expected it to taste little of carrots but was pleasantly surprised when it was so flavorful and sweet!

 It was nothing more than carrots and water. Instead of discarding the carrot water I decided to grate a little ginger into it. Suddenly I had a clean, simple, tasty soup.

This is how the dragon carrot broth came to be.

So tonight, it was dragon carrot broth again and it was just as warming and lovely as the first time I made it.