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a new year

Hello friends...

It has been an interesting holiday season. I have enjoyed all your lovely posts and instagrams as of late. I was able to travel vicariously through you to some utterly gorgeous places. I have been enjoying being chill until the craziness starts again. I will soon be on the West Coast for work and the to India in early February! I have not been on instagram for the past couple weeks, as my iPhone blew out the window and down onto Broome Street in a crazy gust of wind that swirled and gushed through the loft. I know it sounds a bit like the dog ate my homework but it actually did happen. My phone was utterly vaporized. So I start today anew with my new phone totally clear of all old photos and debris. It was ninety percent backed up. What I lost I can live without and starting new and not importing anything to my new phone but my contacts feels right. I have been hunkering down and enjoying the stillness of the city these past winter days. It gave me some time to consolidate all my old straggler inspiration blogs that I started long ago. I have put everything together into one tumblr as a new place for inspiration. You can see it at www.sometimesidrift.tumblr.com. I am hoping to keep it updated as I am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of breathtaking photographs out there filling the cosmos. It is a site for the visual vagabond.

I leave you with the  sweetest wishes for the New Year. This year will be epic.

Shine brightly.




where the wild things are. hello fall.

Hello friends. It's been a while and though this is not quite going to be a proper blog post, I am getting there!

It is hard to get back into the swing of posting. The last two months have been super busy with work and travel. I am not complaining, as I do love both! As soon I got back to New York, I made a visit to The New Amsterdam Market, one of my favorite city markets. Les and Nova of the Wild Food Gatherers Guild of Vermont, were there with pounds of mushrooms in all shapes, sizes and colors. I couldn't resist. I dried some and plan on making a Chanterelle vodka and a mixed mushroom ragu with the others. Those posts will hopefully be up soon. For the moment, all I have to offer are these lovely wild mushrooms from Les and Nova and some gorgeous walnuts I picked up off the ground in France. Yes, I did smuggle the walnuts back. Bad, I know. I am hoping they will make their way into a french inspired cake very soon!

Have a lovely Wednesday!






lunch for one. tomato and celery salad with shaved baby fennel and dill flower.

I am working from home today, and found myself making my go to summer salad for lunch. It is super similar to the one I made a few weeks back but tastes surprisingly different with just a couple substitutions. There really is no recipe, it is just thrown together based on whatever I had in the house. I can't seem to get away from this tomato celery combo this season... it is so good! This salad was a melange of  tiny summer tomatoes. I picked up a couple of mixed quarts of them at the Union Square Green Market along with some fresh dill flower, baby fennel and my favorite red celery. I went to my trusty mandolin for perfectly thin celery and fennel. It is my favorite kitchen tool hands down.  I have a really good French mandolin but I prefer a simple Japanese one (I use one from MUJI) I use it through all the seasons! You can also find nice Japanese ones at a Japanese hardware store or a Japanese Mart.  I hope you are inspired to get the Greenmarket and make a version of this salad. Add a little fresh goat cheese if you would like to make it a bit more substantial.



Lunch For One ; Tomato and Celery Salad with Shaved Baby Fennel and Dill Flower.


A 1/2 quart of mixed cherry tomatoes

One stalk of red celery ( I used the nub end as all my celery was previously devoured.)

One baby fennel bulb

A couple sprigs of fresh dill flower

Juice of half a lime

Good Extra Virgin olive oil

crunchy sea salt



Chop the tomatoes into halves or quarters depending on size

Shave the celery over the tomatoes with the mandolin

Shave the fennel bulb over the celery with the mandolin

Add the sprigs of dill

Squeeze the 1/2 of lime over the salad

Douse with some extra virgin olive oil

Top off with a little crunchy seas salt and toss the whole salad.






chilly weather happenings....




I am super sad to miss these two great events this weekend but I am heading upstate for a shoot. So for those of you staying in the city, sieze the day, grab a sweater and embrace the new chilly weather.The Brooklyn Local, sponsored by City Harvest, has some of my favorite vendors! See the list below. 

Then there is the Honey Festival at Rockaway beach ( very sad face ) hosted by Brooklyn Grange. I am not even going to talk about how devestated I am that I won't be able to get to the Honey Festival and get some of my hands on that maraschino honey from Red Hook or to meet the honey makers from Japan!




Saturday, September 17, 2011
Brooklyn Bridge Park’s The Tobacco Warehouse
Market: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Rain or Shine

Click Here to Purchase Market Entrance Tickets

Participating Purveyors

Check back for updates on additional purveyors!

Acme Smoked Fish Corp.
Ambrosial Granola- Healthiest Cereal
Ample Hills Creamery
Bellocq Tea Atelier
Betty Bakery
Blue Marble Ice Cream
Blue Print Cleanse
Brewla Bars
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn Butcher Blocks 
Brooklyn Cured
Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters
The Brooklyn Kitchen
Brooklyn Oenology
Brooklyn Oyster Party
Brooklyn Roasting Company
Brooklyn Soda Works
By Brooklyn
Choncho's Tacos
Chozen Ice Cream
City ‘Lasses Switzel
Court Street Grocers
Cuzin's Duzin 
Damascus Bakery
Dig Garden Shop 
Ditch Plains Drop In
Dressler Restaurant
Empire Mayonnaise Co.
Fleisher's Grass-fed & Organic Meats
Four & Twenty Blackbirds 
Frankies Spuntino
The Good Batch
Grown in Brooklyn 
Home/Made Wine Bar
Honeydrop Beverages
Jacques Torres Chocolates
JoMart Chocolates
Kings County Jerky Co.
KBBK: Kombucha Brooklyn
Liddabit Sweets

Lucky's Real Tomatoes
Market Share Outpost
Mast Brothers Chocolate
McClure's Pickles
The Meat Hook
Morris Kitchen
My Friend's Mustard
Nunu Chocolates
nuts + nuts
One Girl Cookies
P&H Soda Co.
Peeled Snacks
Pie Corps
Q Tonic: Q Ginger
Rachel's Pies
The Ravioli Store
The Regal Vegan
Roberta's Bread
Saucy By Nature
Saxelby's Cheese
SchoolHouse Kitchen
Sea Bean Goods
Slant Shack Jerky
Smith & Vine
Sour Puss Pickles
Speedy Romeo
Spicy n' Sweet
The Stand NY
Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie
Stinky Bklyn 
Tin Mustard
Tumbador Chocolate
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
Whimsy and Spice



marc hundley/ the dictionary/ at art since the summer of '69

Looking forward to Marc's opening... he is one of my favorite people and artists.


Marc Hundley, Dictionary

May 21 - June 12, 2011
Opening on May 21, 6 - 8 p.m.

Art Since the Summer of ’69 is very happy to present an exhibition and book release by Marc Hundley.

Marc Hundley's second book Dictionary focuses on a series of suggestive illustrations from the American Heritage Dictionary that hold an idiosyncratic, personal, and erotic significance for the artist. The softcover book is modeled on a German student's reader, and will launch at the day of the opening of Hundley’s exhibition at our gallery. The exhibition itself will include selected illustrations from the book, enlarged as limited edition prints.

Born in 1971, Hundley has lived and worked in New York for the last 18 years. He states of his work: "I generally make things that advertise the way I feel — or celebrate things I have chosen to have meaning". Hundley recently completed projects for the Los Angeles based store and art space Ooga Booga, and commissions for the fashion store Opening Ceremony. One of his t shirts was worn by the rapper Lil Wayne on the cover of his recently released record. Hundley’s work has been exhibited at Rivington Arms, Patricia Low Contemporary, Bellwether, Cherry and Martin, and in the Art Since the Summer of ’69 Project Space.

For more information and image requests, please email info@artsince69.com. The gallery is open every Saturday and Sunday 1-6 p.m.