Where does the time go? Though winter was insufferably long in New York City this year, I look ahead now, and measure the days I have left with my baby girl. 

Whoa. College.

Where did that come from? I hope that we are sending her off into the world with adequate skills in which to survive and to be a compassionate human. I hope just as much, that she has inherited my passion for all things culinary. I think perhaps she may have, but time will tell. My plan to feed the teenagers was a good one I think. If you feed them they will flock to your house. Gone are the days now of those midnight roast chickens and flour-less chocolate cakes, when I would light the candles and set the table minutes before their boisterous arrival. Flushed and hungry from their new found freedom and long evenings rousting about the city, they ate ravenously. I am hoping she and her friends will carry on the tradition of gathering friends together to share a meal. I hope most of all, as they set off into the world, in every direction, like the seeds of  a dandelion, on the gustiest summer wind, that they return to my table from time to time.

Carpe Diem friends.


cider and babes

This morning as I look out on the grey city skyline, I am anticipating some extreme weather. I can't help but think what a perfect sky we had last Saturday as I headed up to a small town in Western Massachusetts to visit friends and babes. The remnants of summer’s leaves had turned a brilliant yellow and were positively glowing and illuminated. We did not even wear coats as the weather was so unseasonably warm.. It was pretty much the perfect fall weekend. Plans were a little loose, as they have to be with so many little ones around. So we kept things mellow and cooked quite a bit. On Sunday, we made a big brunch and went to a fall festival at a local CSA, Natural Roots, which is a horse powered small family farm on The South River in Conway. At the festival, the kids participated in feed sack races and beet in spoon races, which was pretty cute. We all climbed up onto the wagon for a horse drawn ride through the river and into the woods beyond the farm. We bought local apples and when we got back to the house I hunkered down and made a pie with Odette, one mini one for her and one big one for us. We were a little short on the crust due to the mini pie and a little underestimating on my part, so I winged the top and just made triangle shapes, something I picked up from the blackbird girls during our book shoot.

In the afternoon, Anna arrived to make cider with her recently purchased cider press. We started with five bushels of apples of a mixed variety. In the end after an hour or so we had ten gallons of cider. We bottled it up in a hodgepodge of old bourbon bottles and mason jars. After one last meal, we headed out into the early blue evening and wound our way back to the city.

twenty years no. 4. love the one you are with.

Oh dear it has been so long since I have posted! I promised myself to keep up this blog but this past month or so it has proved a bit diificult! I have been in the midst of many projects! I can't complain because I thrive on being busy, however at least once a day that blog guilt creeps in... I promise to be back soon with new material and lots of adventures! Until then, I thought I would post more 8x10 work from the archives of the two babes who inspire me most. xx

MastBrothers-MAR 25 10-13_sm.jpg

twenty years. no. 3. happy birthday sweet india.

There are those people that you meet in your life that alter one's journey. As you get older you have the luxury of choosing and creating family. These are the people that we travel along with on new journies in the rise and fall our lives.

India is one such person. I have know her now for eighteen years. We met by chance when she was fifteen and dancing with a baby on her hip. We have been family ever since. She is one of the greatest people I will ever know. Happy birthday sweet India. 


twenty years no. 2

I have been in the midst of archiving my work shot with my 8x10 Deardorf,  a monstrosity and a relic by today's standards. These photographs are very dear to me. They represent the time line of my adult life. If there is anything that hits home most about these photographs to me, it is, to always shoot what is right in front of you. It could not be simpler.


a few more from over the years.