where the wild things are no.17. knotweed vodka.

After having a miserable fail with Knotweed pickles, as I mentioned before, they tasted like swamp water, I decided to try my hand at Knotweed Vodka. If you remember, last Summer I posted an Elderflower Cordial, this Knotweed Vodka is in the same vein. What can go wrong with a little wild weed, some vodka and a generous amount of sugar? I scoured the Internet for Knotweed recipes and came across this one. I tweaked it a little as I am prone to do. Time will tell if it worked or not.

The sugar and vodka and Knotweed need to rest in a dark place for a month, then get strained, then rest another couple months. Whew! That is a lot of resting!

See you in July for cocktails!!



A little background on Knotweed... Knotweed is an invasive plant. It looks a lot like bamboo and the young red shoots are edible in the early spring when they are most tender. They have a rhubarb like taste. Keep in mind that Knotweed is INVASIVE, be attentive when transporting shoots and cuttings and be sure to burn or properly dispose of anyleft over cuttings.


Andy Hamilton's Knotweed Vodka

Knotweed Vodka Ingredients 450g knotweed 750ml vodka 225g sugar Gather knotweed shoots and chop into 3cm pieces, then put into a 1 litre jar. Add the sugar and vodka and seal. Shake well and leave for at least 3 – 4 weeks. Strain back into bottle through muslin/cheesecloth and place in a cool dark place for 3 months.

This is my tweaked version.

8 cups of vodka

5 cups of sugar

3 cups chopped knotweed

Peel of two lemons.