where the wild things are no.3. the lovely mushrooms.

Les Hook and Nova Kim of Wild Gourmet Food are at The New Amsterdam Market almost  every last weekend of the month, barring hurricanes and other obstacles. Look on the New Amsterdam site for a list of weekly market vendors.

I visited their stall last Sunday and picked up some gorgeous mushrooms that they collected in Vermont where they live and work.

What to do with these beauties? I think I will sauté some in a cast iron skillet with butter, parsley and salt. I might roast some or perhaps if I am feeling really ambitious I will make a fresh pasta and a mushroom ragout. These mushrooms are begging for a Sunday get together.

If you are interested in wild mushrooms, you can find many varieties at local farmers markets or through local wildcrafters. Les and Nova do a wild CSA and Wild Mushroom Of The Month Club. You can check it out here.

Hen of the Woods/Maitake/Grifola frondos

Props Kim Ficaro