mangos, avocado and lime

It is nearing the end of our first full day in Tulum and we haven't really done much at all. The turquoise water and blinding white sand has created a quite lull amongst us. Waves of tiredness wash over me. Could this possibly be relaxation?

Today was a great day. Emily and I were up first and while Marty made coffee we spent the first quiet hour cutting up the sweetest little avocados and mounds of yellow mangoes and lime. It was the perfect beach breakfast.

We spent a little while in the sun and then walked down the beach to Coqui Coqui where we spent a good hour smelling their amazing perfumes and oils, before deciding on orange blossom and tobacco. I picked up a great straw hat and one of their silk rope necklaces.

Tulum has many things to do and see, like the Biosphere, the Ruins, or the many shops in town, but our little group is perfectly happy, at least for today, to just sit here and eat mangoes and to stare out at the brilliant blue sea.