a new year

Hello friends...

It has been an interesting holiday season. I have enjoyed all your lovely posts and instagrams as of late. I was able to travel vicariously through you to some utterly gorgeous places. I have been enjoying being chill until the craziness starts again. I will soon be on the West Coast for work and the to India in early February! I have not been on instagram for the past couple weeks, as my iPhone blew out the window and down onto Broome Street in a crazy gust of wind that swirled and gushed through the loft. I know it sounds a bit like the dog ate my homework but it actually did happen. My phone was utterly vaporized. So I start today anew with my new phone totally clear of all old photos and debris. It was ninety percent backed up. What I lost I can live without and starting new and not importing anything to my new phone but my contacts feels right. I have been hunkering down and enjoying the stillness of the city these past winter days. It gave me some time to consolidate all my old straggler inspiration blogs that I started long ago. I have put everything together into one tumblr as a new place for inspiration. You can see it atwww.sometimesidrift.tumblr.com. I am hoping to keep it updated as I am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of breathtaking photographs out there filling the cosmos. It is a site for the visual vagabond.

I leave you with the  sweetest wishes for the New Year. This year will be epic.

Shine brightly.