winter salads

In these darker days of winter I am prone to eat heavier foods. I adore winter stews, braised meats and rich pastas but lately walking the streets of China Town I have been really inspired by the winter fruits and vegetables lining the street side markets. This led me to experiment with some new winter salads. The salads are really fresh, clean and simple and a welcome reprieve after my holiday binge. I tend to use cookbooks for inspiration and then improvise with ingredients. I am not posting the recipes for these yet as I have to work out the ratios. They are fairly simple and easy to work out but I will post soon.

One flavor combination I used comes from Terry Walters of Clean Start. We photographed her book Clean Start a year or so ago and I fell in love with many of her recipes. The maple lime dressing is from one of Terry's recipes. I love the combination of sweet maple and the and tart lime. I always add a little Bhutanese red pepper to it for a little kick. I used it on the Apple and Endive salad with mint but you can use it on just about anything. I took those same elements and added buttermilk and cumin seed to it for the dressing for Grapefruit Breakfast salad. I also used the combination of maple and lime for the Crazy Rainbow Carrot salad but added shaved ginger. I love taking a flavor combination and using it in different ways. 


Maple Lime dressing inspired by Terry Walter's 

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons of maple syrup

The juice of one whole lime ( more if the lime is not juicy!)


  Warning! This dressing is addictive!



 winter salad inspiration

120115_HGFT_WINTERT_SALADS 25920.jpg
120115_HGFT_WINTERT_SALADS 25922.jpg

 asian pear and persimmon salad with celery leaf and blood orange dressing

120115_HGFT_WINTERT_SALADS 26039.jpg

blood orange over radish micro greens with shallots and white pine salt. meyer lemon walnut oil dressing


three radish chop salad with chopped, celery, celery leaf and parsley with japanese apple cider vinegar and  a spicy extra virgin olive oil

120115_HGFT_WINTERT_SALADS 25996.jpg

 three radish chop salad

120115_HGFT_WINTERT_SALADS 25982.jpg

organic fuji apple and endive salad with maple lime dressing and bhutanese red pepper


crazy rainbow carrot ginger salad with maple lime and cilantro

120116_HGFT_WINTER_SALADS _2.jpg

pink grapefruit breakfast salad with maple lime buttermilk dressing with cumin seed 


sauteed hen of the woods with fermented black garlic over chopped parsley salad with bergamont lemon and olive oil.

flying fox and sour cherries

I stayed in the city this weekend under the premise of mounds of work.  For the most part  I have been sticking to a rigorous schedule. I did however, let my dear friend Marcia pull me away to the New Amsterdam Market for an hour or so today. We met at 11am sharp in front of Pasanella and Sons, just as the market had opened. I told her we had better make bee line to see Maggie Nesciur at Flying Fox to get some cherries before they were sadly gone. Last time I was the market I showed up too late and all of Maggie's fruit was sold out! She is tucked away in the farthest Northwestern corner of the market. Today, we had no problem as we were early. We did scoop up the last three pints of the most beautiful little strawberries that Maggie had lovingly harvested on a small farm  in Upstate New York. It seemed she was a little meloncholy to see them go as they are the last of the strawberries she will pick this year.  Maggie harvests only by hand, small batch seasonal organic local fruits and berries, and ONLY from small farms. She picks everything by hand and runs a solo operation supplying a few small resturants and now doing the NAM market once a week.

Talk about hard work and dedication. Though it may be an Urban farming myth, I have heard that she even slept in a strawberry field overnight just to be able to give the berries a bit more sun in the morning, before gathering them and heading back to the city. I am kind of fascinated by her.

Maggie began harvesting seasonal tree ripened fruits and berries from small farms in the Northeast region in 2006. She is dedicated to building and maintaing a community through sustainable farming in New York city.


In addition to the strawberries I picked up some some local blackberries and some Hudson Valley sour cherries that I plan on making into jam later tonight.








rasberries ( red, yellow, black)

cherries (sweet+sour)



currants (red, black, white)




gooseberries (green and red)


sugar plums


peaches (yellow, white, donut)






raspberries (red, yellow)


sugar plums


peaches (yellow, donut)


September +




beach plums



raspberries (red , yellow)



peaches (yellow)




Maggie Nesciur