a new year

Hello friends...

It has been an interesting holiday season. I have enjoyed all your lovely posts and instagrams as of late. I was able to travel vicariously through you to some utterly gorgeous places. I have been enjoying being chill until the craziness starts again. I will soon be on the West Coast for work and the to India in early February! I have not been on instagram for the past couple weeks, as my iPhone blew out the window and down onto Broome Street in a crazy gust of wind that swirled and gushed through the loft. I know it sounds a bit like the dog ate my homework but it actually did happen. My phone was utterly vaporized. So I start today anew with my new phone totally clear of all old photos and debris. It was ninety percent backed up. What I lost I can live without and starting new and not importing anything to my new phone but my contacts feels right. I have been hunkering down and enjoying the stillness of the city these past winter days. It gave me some time to consolidate all my old straggler inspiration blogs that I started long ago. I have put everything together into one tumblr as a new place for inspiration. You can see it atwww.sometimesidrift.tumblr.com. I am hoping to keep it updated as I am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of breathtaking photographs out there filling the cosmos. It is a site for the visual vagabond.

I leave you with the  sweetest wishes for the New Year. This year will be epic.

Shine brightly.



night anemones

Once a year, the mountains of Bovina New York roar with something other than the desolate wind or the pounding rain or like today, the crashing thunder. They echo with a boom, a thud in the night. There in the mountains are most spectacular fireworks one could ever see. Two families host two separate parties that light the night sky like explosions on the sun. I have come many years and photographed these night anemones. Every year they are somehow different from last as are the people who come and the children who run wild tearing through the wet grass with sparklers ablaze behind them. There is a moment of brilliance as it fades away to the palest red or green and then it's gone.