buvette. part 1. the little place with a whole lot of heart.


It has been a few months now since the release of the Buvette book and I am way behind in posting on the blog. I have been meaning to share some images and some out-takes from our very sweet collaboration. In the time since we shot the book, Chef Jody Williams has opened Buvette Paris, which we have yet to visit, but it is on the bucket list and she is fast at work at another West Village restaurant. How this woman manages to get so much done is a complete mystery to me! We think she is sort of magic. Below are just a few of our favorite images from the book I will post more in the next few days. There were so many great moments I can't possibly share them all but I hope you feel as inspired to eat and cook and drink as we were while working on this project. The recipes are very accessible.


 Thank you Jody, for giving us this amazing opportunity to collaborate with you. Thank you for always feeding us above and beyond... and thank you for trusting us with your book. Working on Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food has been one of our favorite shoot experiences ever! We heart you!

Thank you Julia Turshen for your steady guidance, contagious laughter and sweet smile through all our shoot days.

Thank you Anna Kovel for your culinary hand and your never ending determination in rooting out the perfect eggs and berries and twigs and a thousand other things and thank you Korin for biking to the market and returning with fowl in your basket!

A million thanks to all the Buvette staff and to our team for the long days and constant hustle. Thank you Max for your creativity and for always lending a hand!


This was a true collaboration.





Pick up the Buvette book at the restaurant on Grove Street or here.