supper à la russ

Last night I was offered a seat at friends small supper club circle. We ate a Russian inspired meal in her new lovely garden in Fort Greene Brooklyn while two lone fireflies pranced amongst the bushes. We sipped homemade coriander infused vodka and chatted while Su prepped the meal in her kitchen. We watched her in her flowered apron through the open window. It was a country in the city moment and a really sweet evening.  

The menu was as follows:


coriander vodka

marinated mushrooms

tiny meatballs


chilled soup and salad of fresh peas and beets

rose sherbert


grilled porgy with tarragon

braised leeks with egg and lemon

potato piroshki


apricot mousse


 for the vodka

One bottle of vodka

two teaspoons of corinder seed


place the seeds in the vodka and let sit over night

 in the morning strain the seeds from the vodka and discard them

chill the vodka and serve