la flor de michoacan - helados and paletas

helados and paletas

Midway down the the strip in the town of Tulum, just on the left before Jupiter Street, amid the bevy of hammocks, blankets and dresses is a spectacular treasure of an ice cream shop that is not to be missed, La Flor de Michoacan.

They make delicious helados (ice cream) and paletas (fruit posicles) in every flavor imaginable. Our favorites of the paletas were the lime, the tamarind and the chili mango and jicama. The combinations of flavors are really unique. Sit in the peaceful back garden a quiet reprieve from the bustling dusty street and enjoy one, two or THREE each, as we did, surrounded by tamarind and papaya trees.

La Flor de Michoacan has two locations, one in Tulum and one in Playa del Carmen.