jardin des plantes. hall of paleontology

On a recent trip To Paris, my daughter Lula and I visited one of our very favorite places, The Hall of Paleontology at the Jardins des Plantes, or the Bone Museum, as we like to call it. It is a very beautiful and eerie place. The bones of hulking mammoths and whales mingle together with two headed kittens, creating an absurd and frightening world. The museum has the added bonus of being right across the street from the Grand Mosquee de Paris. After a day at the Jardins and the Museum you can stroll across the street to the Mosque.  Where you must sit in the courtyard after having a steamy hamam. Mint tea and a delicious sweet are the perfect end to the day.

There are separate days for men and women at the hamam, so be sure to look at an updated schedule before going.