We had a long and glorious fall.  Now that the ground upstate is dusted with snow, laying way for what is ahead, I thought I would seize this moment to share a few of may favorite fall images before they become too distant of a memory.

There was a gathering of friends, a party in the woods, one leg of prosciutto, a very large fish, an apple whisperer, Will Oldham and many grateful moments.

where the wild things are no.3. the lovely mushrooms.

Les Hook and Nova Kim of Wild Gourmet Food are at The New Amsterdam Market almost  every last weekend of the month, barring hurricanes and other obstacles. Look on the New Amsterdam site for a list of weekly market vendors.

I visited their stall last Sunday and picked up some gorgeous mushrooms that they collected in Vermont where they live and work.

What to do with these beauties? I think I will sauté some in a cast iron skillet with butter, parsley and salt. I might roast some or perhaps if I am feeling really ambitious I will make a fresh pasta and a mushroom ragout. These mushrooms are begging for a Sunday get together.

If you are interested in wild mushrooms, you can find many varieties at local farmers markets or through local wildcrafters. Les and Nova do a wild CSA and Wild Mushroom Of The Month Club. You can check it out here.

Hen of the Woods/Maitake/Grifola frondos

Props Kim Ficaro

paris breakfast

Lost in Paris. Woke up this morning at Rue Martel in the shuttered dark room, left virtually untouched after my late arrival. I fell straight into bed and didn't move all night. 

This morning I opened the shutters and the light streamed in from the courtyard where marigold and geranium pots lined the ledge. Coffee was a priority. I dressed and walked up the somewhat familiar Rue de Faubourg St Denis until I came upon Chez Jeanette. 

After my coffee I wandered to Jules and  bought a baguette, jambon and some tomme. On the way home I spied these beautiful green plums and raw hazelnuts.

Breakfast day one:

green plums

tomme with raw hazelnuts

rhubarb yogurt

jambon buerre and baguette

little dickens

I stopped to see my friend, Heidi Johannsen Stewart, and one of her three partners, Michael Shannon, tea proprietors of the wildly gorgeous and successful line of artisan teas Bellocq at the New Amsterdam Market last Sunday. I picked up three of their irresistable teas. No. 18, Afghani Chai, a black assam tea with organic red poppy flowers, green cardamon, star anise, ginger, clove and black pepper. It had been on my mind since a cold winter day at the market when they were handing out samples. I had become somewhat obsessed with it. I also picked up what they were calling their "summertime chai", a little lighter than the Afghani Chaiand caffeine free. It is called Hindu Holiday. It is a rooibos based chai, caffeine free with cardamom, fragrant cassia, spicy ginger rose, jasmine and marigold petals.

I was, however, most intrigued by the tea called Little DickensLittle Dickens, was  lovingly created by Heidi and her son. It is full of all kinds of things that kids love. Like Hindu Holiday, it too is rooibos based and caffeine free.  A few of the ingredients in Little Dickens are ginger, cinnamon, mint, chocolate, marigold and a little rose. Steep it, then add a little milk and honey. 

Hiedi feels that scent and flavor not only bring back forgotten memories, but that they also enrich the present. "Great teas can be powerful conduit to unite life's precious moments." I couldn't agree more. Many of my strongest memories are attached to taste and smell. So I decided to pick up some tea to share with my sweet little friend Odette, who just became a big sister this past week. Odette is no stranger to tea drinking, but part of me just wants to hear her tell me all about Little Dickens and what is in it. She is at the amazing, curious and talkative age of three. Having her own tea, like her mom does, will make her feel very grown up. It will be a nice way to make her feel special in these new and sometimes confusing post baby days.

I am upstate and all is quiet except for the crazy morning birds. I think it is the perfect moment to sit on the porch and have a cup of tea. 

Look for Belloq's new atelier at 37 Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn, coming very soon!

You can order Bellocq's teas online at: 

Bellocq's founders, Heidi Johannsen Stewart, Michael Shannon, Young Yoon and Scott Stewart joined creative forces with a desire to collaborate on a shared aesthetic vision, an appreciation of traditional artisan production and a passion for tea.

The New Amsterdam Market

The New Amsterdam Market which opens today for the 2011 season, is one of my favorite New York Markets to have popped up in the past several years. It takes place under the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan side, down at the Seaport. I love it for the highly curated group of vendors, the focus on regional, local, sustainably produced foods and for the simple fact that it takes place on a Sunday and I can lazily make my way down there and shop for the weeks meals. Like the Brooklyn Flea or the Smorgasburg they have prepared food ( Luke's Lobster, Porchetta, and People's Pops and Bellocq just to name a few) to eat on the spot. Come hungry and with a big basket!

The Market is Every Sunday from 11-4.

Some of the  vendors rotate and change weekly. Look at the NAM site each week for a current list of that weeks vendors.

The Market is constantly having special events like The Oyster Festival or last year's popular Smorrbrod Festival. They often have events for kids as well, so keep your eyes on their ever changing calendar and get yourself down to the Seaport where you will feel like  you have truly stepped back in time. It is one of the most special locations in the city.


June 5 Market Vendors:

Do Re Me Farm
Flying Fox
Terra Firma Farm
Toigo Orchards
Z Farm

Bambino's Ravioli 
Hot Bread Kitchen
Nordic Breads
Orwasher's Bakery
Sullivan Street Bakery

Brooklyn Cured
Hudson Valley Duck Farm
Kings County Jerky
Mosefund Farm

Cellars at Jasper Hill

Benmarl Winery

Kombucha Brooklyn
La Newyorkina
Ledgenear Farm
Liddabit Sweets
Mother-in-Law Kimchi
North Winds Farm
P&H Soda
Pie Corps
Red Bee
SchoolHouse Kitchen
Sour Puss Pickles
Vermont Bean Crafters

Blue Bottle
Luke's Lobster
National Crab
People's Pops
Table Tales

Bellocq Tea Atelier
Mast Brothers Chocolate
Nuts+ Nuts
Taza Chocolate

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks
Bowery Lane Bicycles 
Green Mountain Energy


New Amsterdam Market will be held every Sunday from 11am to 4pm beginning


at the old Fulton Fish Market which is located on South Street and Beekman Street in Lower Manhattan

click here for directions

Market Hours: 11am-4pm

*note: Markets will not be held on
Sunday July 3
Sunday September 4
Sunday November 27

New Amsterdam Market is held outdoors and under cover, and meets rain or shine.

 Mushrooms from Vermont Wildcrafters and Market regular's Nova Kim and Les Hook,

A Smorrebrod interpretation from Caroline Fidanza and crew of Saltie (formerly of Marlow and Diner). These ladies collaborate to make some of the tastiest sandwiches in town!

for the love of Pho

Hungry Ghost Contributor Julian Richards writes in from Saigon. Read his tongue twisting tale of Pho.

First morning in Saigon, alone.  Asian jet-lag is akin to being forcep-birthed underwater: thoughts percolate but become slurry en route to the mouth.  Lips are earthworms, eyes jaundiced lychees webbed with capillaries, moist fish balls.  Gerbil tongue.  Moss teeth.  I slither down the staircase of my one-star on Búi Viện, thin haired, darkly bespectacled and retaining water, like a cheap, hungover Elton John.  Out onto the street into a seething pirhana-shoal of motor-scooters.  A suety white man perhaps five years my senior is instantly, mercilessly sideswiped a mere 10 feet from where I stand. He goes down hard, flopping like a carp.  I turn round and go back into my hotel.  The receptionist and her friend look at me gravely.  "Phở", they say.


rainy day hash

This morning amid the torrential downpour, en route to a shoot in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, I suddenly saw a bright spot in an otherwise grey day, Mile End (a Montreal Jewish delicatessen in Brooklyn). I had heard that Mile End had some killer brisket hash. I have had the cured smoked beef brisket sandwich on another rainy day... (rain being the secret to no line at Mile End). Let me tell you, neither the sandwich nor the hash disappoint!

We pulled up, ran in and got three orders to go to share at our shoot. It was all we could do to barely contain ourselves long enough to take this photo before diving in like the vultures we sometimes are.

Our brisket hash arrived in a toasty little brown box, steaming with tiny cubes of perfectly cooked potatoes and larger pieces of sweet onion accompanied by two sunny side up well-seasoned eggs and a pile of smokey meat. What's not to love on this otherwise gloomy day?

If you aren't able to make it to Cobble Hill, you can find them at the Brooklyn Flea on Sundays in Williamsburg.  

Mile End Menu 

I love a place with Lambruso and brisket!

marlow .. again

Last night I had the most delicious hand cut pasta with a smokey pancetta and tomato sauce (with a little kick) at Marlow and Sons in Williamsburg. Marlow is my go-to staple, so it will appear here quite often! We shared the pasta, a baby kale salad with a fried farm fresh egg dressed with lemon and olive oil, sour dough croutons and a shaving of parmesan. We also shared a crostini with ramp cream cheese and poached rhubarb and salad of mustard greens with shaved fennel and red onion... (Unfortunately there is no photo because we just ate it up so quickly!) It was the perfect comfort food for a chilly spring evening.